The OIW Series

Engaging, Educating & Informing

OUR INGENIOUS WORLD will take viewers on a journey into the amazing and creative world of Engineering and Technology. The series will explore buildings, transport systems, communications and security systems (and more) through the funny, engaging, lively, brave and daring ‘eyes and experiences’ of the presenters.

We are super keen to fill a gap that absolutely needs to be filled- Informative and fun Engineering and Technology content that is also attractive to younger audiences. There is a new wave of incredibly easy to watch content popping up on our Television channels and on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. They are increasing offering entertaining content for people of varied demographic and backgrounds!

Our Ingenious World presents an opportunity to rethink the way we tell Engineering and Technology stories- to reveal the remarkable connections Engineering and Technology has with society and to celebrate the cultures and communities of our world.  From the amazing cities like London to  the women who have rebuilt their villages in Nepal….. to the luxury lifestyle offered in the tallest building in the World, the Burj Khalifa and to the colourful vintage cars in Cuba, there are incredible stories waiting to be told!

Each episode of the series will take viewers to a different country or countries, and introduce engineering + tech concepts that are  relevant to our day to day lives –from the engineering that helps us grow food to the technology that enables us travel in style and comfort, right to what our imagined futures may very well be!

OUR WORLD needs a different perspective on Engineering- a raised profile, an informed perspective on the work that engineers do and an insight into the opportunities it offers to create a better life for all.

Each episode will engage a varied audience in a funny,  informative,  investigative and emotional 45/60mins by bringing engineering to life. It will interact with the men and women who have engineered our amazing world.The series will recognise the creators of our cities. It  will share their stories and talk about the projects that they have worked on.

The Series will for the first time, show engineering in some of our world’s oldest cultures and communities.

It will tell the stories of how cultures have been shaped/formed by engineering and vice versa. It will explore the engineering through relaxed, lively and funny conversations. It will tell the remarkable development stories of some of our world’s fastest growing economies and would vary from trending technologies to almost impossible engineering feats, and from fashion to lifestyle.

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